Take a break from your business. Please.

by admin, December 16, 2016


Sorry we haven’t blogged lately. Sometimes you just need a little break, you know! Well, maybe you don’t know, otherwise you would be on a break yourself (which I can bet no money you aren’t on).

Especially at Christmas time, you really do need to take a break. I know that there isn’t really any ideal time to have a holiday, but what are you living for if you don’t enjoy yourself every blue moon? I mean, I don’t want to sound morbid but anything could happen tomorrow, you just don’t know.

Don’t jump in the deep end and take off a whole week during the Christmas period (fool)

Just book yourself out a day or even half a day in the Diary and relax. It’s Christmas time for goodness sake! You deserve it, and I dare say your clients might prefer the less angry and stressed monster, as a break gives you time to recover and reboot. It has actually been proven scientifically in the lab that stress and exhaustion severely hampers productivity and your ability to run your business properly (along with other things like family and friends but we won’t get into that subject today).

Ideally you should (have) book(ed) your time off in advance.

But no hey ho its done now so shuffle some people around and think of yourself for once. Sorry that was rude. Ideally two weeks notice is nice for your clients and customers. Better?

So how do you survive on your break?

Wine? Chocolate? Massages? Yes. All of the above. And perhaps some Christmas casuals. Don’t worry, the extra cost of hiring them will be offset by the increase of profit and sales. And I know I would rather pay someone $20/hour or so to do all the little things I never have time to do in the day.

A good technology system working 24/7 behind you will help immensely during your time away.

Make sure you factor in the days and hours you will be off into the Diary so that no one will be able to book during those times, and set up an automated email message and voice mail message for non urgent complaints/praises/whatever else people are still calling you about these days. Also make sure you don’t forget to pay bills, stock and staff (these things don’t take a break).

When you get back.

Give yourself a few hours to catch up on everything (block out function will save you) and relinquish in the fact that your break has given you ample time to get re-inspired. You may have even visited similar businesses to yourself to check out the competition (great idea to do by the way). And you will return refreshed, replenished and re-motivated to continue on your awesome business into the New Year!


Annie xoxo

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