The Cloud – a pioneer of innovative technology

by admin, July 8, 2016


Naked Bookings is a proud user of cloud technology. We truly believe that it is the most innovative, efficient and secure technology for the storage of your entire data. The cloud is currently driving a huge change in the booking sector, due to it’s massive advances in technology.


What is the cloud?                                             

Cloud technology is a type of internet-based computing that can share and store data via the internet (no more hard drives and discs to carry around!). This technology is the way forward, no doubt about it, with proven improvements in performance, manageability and security than the previous methods of data storage and use.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology defines cloud technology as:

•    On-demand self-service
•    Broad network access
•    Resource pooling to serve multiple customers and their demands
•    Rapid elasticity (can grow or shrink to meet the demand)
•    Optimised service

Why we love the cloud

Naked Bookings, along with Governments and other major enterprises, are huge fans of the cloud due to its innovative manner of world-class security and automatic changes in real time. This is the main reason why our booking system is always updated in real time! It ensures no double bookings will occur and staff (even across countries) do not have to wait for new bookings or amendments to bookings to go through, or even risk not saving anything properly.

The cloud is also what allows the convenience, speed and efficiency of the Booking System to work anywhere, with the data available on multiple devices all at the same time. There is no need to back up files or constantly click the same old save button! The safety of the data in cloud is phenomenal, even if your computer bleeps itself, nothing will be lost (unless the whole entire internet suddenly crashes, however we don’t see that happening anytime in the foreseeable future).

Annie x