Think like an optimist, prepare like a pessimist

by admin, February 9, 2017

Prepare for the worst yet hope for the best; aim to be an idealist.

Optimists, honestly, seem annoying and blind to the facts of life. They do see the big picture, but they see it through rose tinted aviators. They often are deemed as the ‘silly dreamers’ and not necessarily the ‘smart do-ers’. Rightly so in my books.

A pessimist, on the other hand, has a worst-case scenario thought process. They are going on holiday overseas? All they will think of is the plane possibly going down, the high chance of getting food poisoning from brushing their teeth with the strange water and knowing they are more likely to get robbed by one of the locals than find a $5 note on the floor. It’s their defense mechanism, not letting their expectations get too high before they (may) not work out.

A pessimist sees limited options in tough times, an optimist makes choices with the ‘knowledge’ of great success, and an idealist focuses on the dream, but finds an effective solution in order to get to where they want to go.

Idealists are the only type of people who actually have a chance of fulfilling their dreams. They can see what they want, believe it is possible and then put in the hard work towards it without giving up after each set back that they know will happen and are prepared for them.

Are you an idealist?


  • Their future always looks bright to them


  • They look for the best in people whilst guarding their heart (just in case)


  • They are cheeky and sometimes break the rules in pursuit of ‘greatness’


  • They are enthusiastic, creative and motivated for life and all things life throws at them


  • They always try to be their one true-selves, and are constantly working on themselves to be the best version of themselves that they can be


  • They have the balls to pursue their dreams, yet work hard, enjoy it and prepare for all possible outcomes


  • They know if a dream is a little too out of reach, and will therefore pull up the ladder and start climbing


  • They are effective problem solvers, as they can identify the risks (almost like a pessimist)


  • They can see the way things are in the world, yet still hope for the best to come (similar to an optimist)


  • They confront stressful situations head on and love the fact they will end up learning from them


Annie x