Tips for Mompreneurs!

by admin, August 1, 2016

Mothers now represent a $2.4 trillion market in business, with over 1 million self-employed business women – nearly three times more than men!

Being both a mother and an entrepreneur sometimes feels like you are one of those clowns running around spinning plates. A mompreneur will know these plates very well; she has the Business plate, the Child(ren) plate, a Husband plate and her own plate to keep spinning. Sometimes, one plate may spin slower than the others, however she will quickly notice and get it spinning again. Her aim, of course, is to never let her plates stop spinning.

Our tips below will assist all of you dedicated mompreneurs to make spinning those plates look effortless and sophisticated (not like a clown).


Working from home gives you more flexibility and so much less stress than having to be dressed and out the door by a certain time, make sure the munchkins have eaten and are at school/care, packed yours and the hubbys’ lunch and somehow make it to the office on time. Of course, a certain amount of self discipline is key – check out our past Naked Bookings blog for tips on how to work well from home.

Don’t multitask

Set tasks so you don’t have to multitask. Multitasking leads to unfocused and rushed work, so set yourself a time for doing a certain task, such as one hour for this project, then half an hour for you and your kids’ lunch and so on.

Sleep is golden

Make use of the time when the rascals are asleep. By using the 1 hour naps, getting up 2 hours early and even going to sleep 2 hours later is 5 hours of uninterrupted work! This means you can spend quality time with your family, as you know you have time to do both.

Get help

Get a friend or your mother or a nanny to help you! You aren’t expected to do it all by yourself, and no one is pushing you to. Even employ a student or cleaner to maintain your house and you can focus on the business for a few extra hours!

Begin with the worst

I’m talking about work here, but you can also go ahead and clean the toilet first too. By getting the hard work out of the way first, while your motivation is high, is the best way to start the day and accomplish more, instead of putting it off all day and it ending up being on your to-do list for weeks.

Use technology

The ability nowadays to have your diary, reminders, appointments, projects and even shopping in the palm of your hands should not be taken for granted. Using online systems takes the stress of having to think, delegate and plan – use them.

Self care

All mums are notorious for forgetting this vital, final tip. Make as healthy food choices for yourself as you do for your kids. Your body is your vessel and you don’t want to fill it with junky fuel. You are also supposed to do at least 30 mins of exercise 5 days per week! Do this in the morning before the kids wake up, or whilst the nanny has them. Make sure to focus solely on you for at least half an hour per day (preferably when the kids are asleep or being looked after though!).


Annie x