What complimentary starter will I receive at the restaurant?

by Steve Milner, September 6, 2019

Participating Optus Dining restaurants will provide, for up to 4 people, either a complimentary entrée from its existing menu, a complimentary small plate from its existing menu, or a complimentary chef’s special. The Optus Dining website will indicate which complimentary starter option each restaurant is offering. 

As this is a complimentary offer, the choice of starter type provided is at the discretion of the restaurant. Diners will be unable to choose which starter type they receive. Please note: complimentary starter images shown on your booking request are indicative only and may not represent the actual complimentary starter(s) you receive when you dine.

Sometimes, a restaurant may change the type of complimentary starter between the time of booking and the reservation date. This may be due to unforeseen circumstances, changes to seasonal availability of produce, or changes to the restaurant’s menu. However, diners are still entitled to and will receive one of the other complimentary starter types.