Unexpected circumstances and what to do about them

by admin, April 24, 2017

So, hypothetically, what if:

There’s a glitch in the system and everything is lost?

Fear not young grasshopper, as everything at Naked Bookings is stored in a mighty fluffy online storage space called… THE CLOUD. The cloud means that nothing can go *poof* if your system happens to crash, or if your three-year-old pulls the plug of the computer, or if you spilt coffee on the motherboard. Nothing is lost in the cloud. Nothing can destroy the cloud.

Cash flow isn’t… well….flowing.

Money problems are crap and all too common. You rely on cash flow as a business! For the majority of small businesses, client payments, overheads and outstanding bills are the main concerns. What to do? There’s a heap of super smart online tools to help you manage and maintain proper cash flow, such as ones that budget, automatic bill payments and alert you to unusual activity! Great, right?

You’re tired but don’t admit it to yourself.

You know the saying ‘if you want something doing right then do it yourself’? Well, I hate to break it to you, but you are human and you do need to rest. Long hours add to even more pressure as of the fatigue we humans naturally face. You risk forgetfulness and an increased risk of making mistakes. As a smart business owner, I can assure you that you should delegate tasks that don’t necessarily require your phenomenal expertise such as admin or accounting, whereby someone more trained than you in these certain areas could do the job… I hate to say it… even better than you have been doing.

My customers aren’t spending money.

Customer spending money = business stays alive = happy you.

However! What if they just aren’t spending the moolah like they used to? You should make notes what they want by asking for feedback, researching on forums and checking out and learning from your competition’s mistakes and successes.

Employees just aren’t motivated.

Unmotivated employees never perform their best. Employees must be happy, which leads on to them being productive for your business. Ensure their workplace is relaxed, offer them free drinks and snacks and always talk to them about their wants and needs. Remember that they are working for you for over half of their day, which means you really need to make sure they are happy chappies. An extra little tip: try and provide the opportunity to do training courses and give them the chance to advance their careers within your business, which will lead to more motivated staff and a huge reduction in your employee turnover rate.

You’re spending too much money on marketing.

Social media and email campaigns are both the cheapest and most efficient marketing hacks these days. You don’t need to splash out a few hundred bucks a month on marketing, especially when you’re a small business owner! Don’t stress about elaborate radio or magazine adverts, especially if you’re also a start-up and don’t yet know who your target market is!

Annie x