Increase Revenue & Operate Efficiently With Service Availability

by Steve Milner, June 27, 2017


Our new series #StrippedBare takes a dive into the features of our booking software so you can improve the way you do business.


Naked Bookings can be your secret weapon to operating efficiently and improving your bottom line.

Imagine being able to steer customers that are booking your least profitable services into your quietest periods, or being able to make yourself available for walk-in trade at lunch time. By limiting the availability of a particular service you can have greater control of an automated process and best of all, your customers will be none the wiser!

First things first, there are two types of bookings that we currently offer so let’s be clear on the difference.

Single Bookings

  • Only one person can make a booking for the service, such as an appointment
  • The booking could be for two people, couples massage anyone?
  • The service is for a private lesson, with service options to accept 1,2,3 or more people

Simply put, as soon as one person makes a booking that service capacity (of 1) becomes full and no more bookings can be accepted for that service in that timeslot, unless another assigned staff member is available.

Multiple Bookings

  • More than one person can make a booking for the service, such as classes
  • You set the capacity for the service and once reached, no further bookings are accepted

Multiple bookings require you to schedule the times that the service is available, while single bookings give you the option to either schedule the times or receive bookings during any available hours, and it is this option that we will explore further.

Allowing a service to be booked during any available hours allows you to maximise your revenue and keep your customers happy by giving them more times to choose from. When you schedule a service our system marks you as unavailable for that timeslot and you will be unable to accept any further bookings, even though you may not have any bookings at that time!

Online Booking Service Availability Feature

Block-out times to prevent bookings.

Service Availability

To operate efficiently, accepting bookings at any time you are available makes the most sense, so now we can focus on using blocking out times in the service availability tab. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples below to see how this could work.

Example 1)

To keep things simple, let’s say your trading hours are 9am to 5pm and the service duration is 1 hour. If you have availability at 4pm, the system will show 4pm as the last available time. But what if it takes an hour to clean and pack everything up, and staying back to well after 6pm doesn’t float your boat?

Blocking out 4pm to 5pm in the service availability tab for every day will ensure the last bookable time is 3pm. Now you have a way to conveniently direct your customer to a 3pm booking instead of 4pm so you can be done with the cleaning and be back at home in time for Game of Thrones.

Example 2)

If you operate in a shopping precinct, lunch time can be prime time.

Limit the availability of your service to either side of lunch and make yourself available for those walking by. This may not be suitable for all businesses of course, but remember, if you are able to get one new customer instead of turning them away and you provide a great service (as you should), they will be loyal to you instead of your competitor otherwise you have their details to entice them back again.

Get Creative

The thing I love most about our software is the vast range of functionality that it provides, even when you have noise or operating restrictions to manage.

I enjoy being able to provide a solution when a challenge gets thrown my way so if you think you have a curly one for me, get in touch and let’s see what we can do!