Wasting precious time on admin?

by admin, October 31, 2016

Big no no. Do you dream each night about not having to constantly be on call during the day? Well, what if I told you that we could make your dreams come true? *gasp* We can substantially cut down the time and expense that you spend on admin work during the day, using just one speckle little feature… an AUTOMATED feature.

That’s right. Our clever system does things without you even telling him, after you have defined what you want him to be able to do.

Examples include:

  • The specific times you want customers to book online
  • Cancellation notice
  • The type of automated confirmations and reminders customers receive
  • Whether you let the customers choose their preferred type of notification
  • The questions NB asks customers before they book

Just because we are on the topic, extra features of using our online booking system include:

  • More customers as online bookings is a hell of a lot quicker and easier than ringing up
  • More visitors to your website or social media page will book in to visit you
  • No silly customer logins, just straight forward stuff
  • They only see your available times (that you have allowed them to see), not your whole diary
  • The diary manages the running of your whole business
  • Assign staff to specific clients, and clients can ask for specific staff
  • Define the setup time around an appointment
  • Make group bookings under just one name
  • And much, much more

Now, not only should you be using our software, but we suggest you make full use of other softwares, in order to outsource your tasks to a smart(er) system. If I told you that for something as little as $10 a week (or even less) something else can do most of those annoying tasks for you, would you say yes? I most certainly would.

Unfortunately, the truth is that smart systems can’t do literally everything for you (although we are working on it). Currently you do still need to focus a bit of time on admin work with your human hands. However the amount of time, money and sanity you can save by using softwares is phenomenal, around a few hours less per day, to be exact.

AnNiE x

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