What will you do with all of that time nabooki has saved you?

by Steve Milner, July 27, 2018

Now that you’ve been using nabooki for all of your online booking needs, I’m sure you have had a lot more time open up. Which is great: take a moment to catch your breath.  This newly found spare time at work may seem a little foreign to you at first but we’ve got some ideas on how you can truly maximize your time.


Get Organized

This is a no brainer. Get your house in order. You’ll become more focused and less stressed: consider how much energy you waste each day attempting to locate misplaced items. Clear up your desk, get in front of those emails, be systematic. It’s going to make you feel good and it will end up affecting your business in a positive manner.



You always want to make sure that you have a solid reputation in your industry. Check in with your former colleagues, find new vendors, keep your contacts alive. You never know, it could lead to new hires or future business opportunities.


Build Rapport

You want to constantly be strengthening the bond with your team. Build a community: make a call, send a message, or go out to lunch. Ask your employees how things are going and make sure to listen when they respond. Happy employees will work hard for you.


Think Future

Take time to think about where you want to see your business go. What do you want to accomplish? If you visualize what you want to achieve, your mind will help create a roadmap on how best to get there. So go for it, think about future prospects with no barriers.


Take this opportunity to broaden your intellectual horizons: read some of those books that have been collecting dust, attend a seminar, get informed on new products or procedures. Browse your favorite blogs or business sites in your industry. Remember, knowledge is power.


Catch Up

Start chipping away at all those “rainy day” projects or personal task you’ve been putting off. Make a dent. The first 1o minutes is the hardest, after that, you’re on a roll.


So don’t squander this opportunity by playing games on your phone, utilize this time by being proactive and feel more on top of things.


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