You need a Payment Gateway

by admin, January 24, 2017

Managing your financials can be tough when you’re running your own business. Especially if you aren’t a trained accountant.

That’s why online payment processing is absolutely critical to any service-providing business in the 21st century.

Your customers can pre-pay online for their appointments partially or in full with their credit card at the time they make their booking.

A payment gateway simplifies the point of sale process and provides numerous benefits to both you and your customer.

It’s very convenient; as full payment can already be taken care of before they even step foot through the door.

Customer information is collected and your payment data is kept and remembered securely.

Payment gateways are affordable too, with the third party organisation taking a few cents and a tiny percentage (I’m talking less than 2%) transaction fee.

So let your customer pay in advance before they even walk through the door, and avoid that awkward time after the service, when you ask them for $60 and the smile drains from their face.

Good thing Naked Bookings is partnered with the renowned Payment Gateway company eWay, who takes care of both your online and offline credit card payments.

eWay is renowned for having ‘bulletproof online security’, is completely free to sign up, has same-day monetary settlement and charges just 1.9% + 20c per transaction.

Sounds good, right?

Annie x

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