“Your work ethic needs improving”

by admin, December 23, 2016


Ever heard those words uttered to you? I can tell you (from a friend… of course) that they are the five most mortifying words one could ever hear during the day. That and “your tabby cat just died”. If you haven’t ever heard these solemn words (the work ethic ones) and you don’t want to, then please read on!

Stop checking your phone.

During the workday (you know, that time when you are meant to be working) it is best to block out all distractions, which in this day and age means mainly Facebook. Blocking social media out for say three hours, then giving yourself a fifteen minute break to get it all out of your system, you will increase your work efficiency and allow you to actually get cr*p done!

 Stop procrastinating.

Which leads me to my next point on stopping the procrastination bug in its tracks. The moment, and I mean the moment you feel a wave of procrastination come over you; go to the toilet or make yourself a drink (non-alcoholic). The walk will do you good and the feeling of needing to procrastinate will pass; as procrastination appears when you are either bored or mentally need a break. The small break will excite your mind enough to get rid of the boredom and make sure you don’t put off till tomorrow, what you can do today.

Sleep more.

We’ve all been there, sitting at the computer and feeling your eyes drooping so much that you just want to get on the floor, curl up and sleep for nine hours. You should be getting at least 7 hours per night simply so you don’t doze off during the day.

Self discipline… yourself.

Which feeling do you prefer; the feeling of guilt when you are lazy, or the feeling of power when you are productive? I know which one I prefer. And what did you give up for the righteous feeling? A little bit of extra TV or computer time? Worth it in my books for the sake of a little willpower.

Use your time wisely.

You have 1,440 minutes in the day. Minus 420 for sleep, that leaves 1,020 to play with during your waking hours. You surely have time to fit in 30-60 minutes of exercise into that day, which gives you (averagely) 975 minutes left, or 16.25 hours, to work and play. Now think about how many of those minutes you waste, and how many you are productive for. Yeah. Put’s it into perspective doesn’t it. One thing that has helped me become more time efficient is writing down my day into a calendar, along with my daily tasks. This helps me know what I need to do that day and where I need to be to do them!


Just remember it takes time to improve ones ethic of work, just making small steps forward is enough to make a huge change one day soon. Just by focusing on becoming more determined to work is a great start.


Annie x

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