About Us

Our Journey, Our People, Your Success

You might wonder how Nabooki became the innovative solution hub it is today. Our journey has been an exhilarating ride, founded on resilience, agility, and the belief that we could create real value for businesses.

A unique booking system where buyers and sellers both win.

At Nabooki, we believe in transparency, value and quality.

For ten years, we’ve built booking systems that allow consumers to discover, search, book and pay without cheapening the transaction. We deliver a beautiful experience for both consumers and local businesses to buy and sell services through honest, competitive marketplaces.

Our team was initially tasked with supplying next generation technology and a seamless consumer journey to the ‘daily deal’ companies. But we soon learnt that a services market offering customers 50% off, while leaving small businesses with just 30c on the dollar, produced no winners. It meant terrible service for the buyer, and losses and insolvencies for the seller.

So, we created booking systems and marketplaces that enabled businesses to compete fairly. Instead of paying high commissions to middlemen, Nabooki empowers them to provide top quality service and build sustainable businesses.

This journey also led us to work with governments whose aim is to support their communities by delivering services without commercial considerations.

This has resulted in over $200m benefit to the Australian economy during Covid.

It also introduced us to ethical corporations, who didn’t want to bleed small businesses and destroy communities to entice their customers. Corporations that wanted to support communities and delight their clients by providing real value, rather than stripping it away.

We are proud to have provided marketplace technology and facilitation services for some of Australia’s largest banking and retails corporations. We’ve received glowing reviews and repeat programs from our government clients over the past 10 years.

We take security and privacy seriously, and have invested in a program to ensure accessibility through a WACG audit. This ensures best practice and usability for all.

What’s more, everything we build for our enterprise and government clients is white label, so our clients can brand it and get the full glory of delighted clients.

This is all made possible by our deep understanding of small business booking systems. We manage their availability and resources, while they can sell via our platforms and others if they want.

We are an Australian owned company benefiting from the active support and financial backing of some of the country”s most successful tech entrepreneurs.

We believe technology has the potential to make lives better and communities stronger.

We are committed to creating social benefit through connection and enablement.

Our People

Meet The Leadership Team

Their hard work ensures you have more time to do the things you love.

Richard Tenser

Richard Tenser


Nataliya Klymenko

Nataliya Klymenko

Product Director

Kate Brown

Kate Brown

Business Support Manager

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh

General Manager

Aaron Collings

Aaron Collings

Relationship Manager

The Solution

Building a Win-Win-Win Scenario

What we developed in response to Groupon’s challenge has become the cornerstone of our technology solutions today. Over time, we added more utility, shaping solutions that precisely cater to our partners’ needs. Our greatest achievement is the shared success we’ve created for all our stakeholders.

For Service Providers

Our solutions drive operational efficiency, enabling real-time capacity management, saving valuable staff resources and facilitating effective customer retention strategies through insightful data.

For Consumers

Ease, transparency, and round-the-clock service are now the norm. Whether it’s discovering something new, checking availability, or modifying a booking, everything can be achieved in a few clicks, anytime, anywhere.

For Clients

Our clients enjoy a comprehensive, intuitive, and efficient platform that enhances service delivery and customer satisfaction. Not just a solution provider, we act as a strategic partner, sharing in their journey towards achieving greater success.

Trusted Supplier

Nabooki is proud to be listed as a trusted supplier to government across all levels through ICT panel arrangements for the QLD Government (Department of Education), and the LocalBuy program. This means that local and state government entities can easily procure Nabooki online booking systems and marketplace platforms without the need to go to tender

Our Vision

To revolutionise how people connect with services that enrich their lives and communities.

At Nabooki, we believe that everyone should be a winner. This principle fuels our vision and propels us towards a future where booking services are seamless, accessible, and user-centric. By empowering businesses to build meaningful relationships with their customers, we actively create a world in line with our values. This guiding philosophy continually drives us to innovate, strive for perfection, and create a lasting impact in all we do.