Magnificent booking software crafted for classes & courses

Brilliant businesses use nabooki to delight their customers & make life simple.

  • Perfectly manages and combines online and offline bookings.
  • Online bookings are automatically added to your diary into the assigned event.
  • Add phone and email reservations in just a few clicks.
  • The source of each booking is easily identifiable.
  • Manage bookings, event capacities and block-out time periods with ease.
  • Quick search for any booking or customers on your system.
  • Wherever you are, keep your finger on the pulse of your business with access via your mobile device or google calendar.

Created to save you time.

Provide convenience for your customers with live availability and instantly confirmed bookings wherever they are and on any device, day or night.

Offer real-time availability by setting maximum capacities, booking cut-off times or block-out periods to ensure your online bookings are kept up-to-date across all of your distribution channels.

Automatically generate and provide instant booking confirmations to reduce costs and prevent interruptions while conducting your class or course.

Modify, cancel and drag-and-drop bookings in a matter of seconds, and there’s no chance of overbooking.

Ability to receive group bookings and collect each individual participants details or just the organiser’s details

You do you, we’ll handle everything else.

Set your booking confirmations and reminders to autopilot.

Get automatically notified by email and SMS when new bookings are made by your customers.

Save yourself time and effort by sending your customers automatic notifications when their booking is confirmed, changed or cancelled.

Reduce no shows by sending automatic booking reminders by email and SMS.

Keep your customers coming back.

Instantly access your customer data all in one place.

Ask vital questions during the booking process and add them straight to your customer’s profile.

Assess the health of your activity business by producing real time reports.

Everything is securely saved in the cloud and fully updated in real time – you won’t lose any data.

Created to work with you.

Nabooki Integrates seamlessly into your operations.

Made with  to help you succeed.

More than just a booking system, reduce the possibility of no-shows by taking full or partial prepayments at the time of booking.

Raising, viewing and sending invoices to customers has never been easier with advanced automation and integration with your accounting software.

Take your business to the next level with the power of client and booking data and easily
export to 3rd party marketing tools.

Scale your business to new heights.

Boost your quiet times and entice new customers with special offers.

Create publicly visible promotions to generate new business or target your existing customers to drive repeat business.

Attract new customers outside your network by running promotions with our daily deal partners.

Steer promotional bookings into the times that work best for you so you can maximise revenue with our yield management feature.

Powerful technology used by the best.


Single monthly fees that scale with your business.



  • 1 Diary
  • 500 Bookings Per Month
  • All Features



  • Up to 8 Diaries
  • 1500 Bookings Per Month
  • All Features



  • Up to 20 Diaries
  • 5000 Bookings Per Month
  • All Features

Nabooki makes bookings sweet.

Test drive our sample booking calendar below to experience the difference.

Nabooki provided everything I sought in a online booking software system. Concentrated support to tailor the package that specifically suits the needs of my small business. It is easy to navigate with limited technical computer skills, especially knowing that patient online experts are there to fully support any question, regardless.

Robyn Monty  Robyn's Room

We have seen a huge increase in business since offering online bookings, especially for last minute bookings. Support is great when needed as the help articles often answer my questions and if required, online chat is nice and convenient. I already happily recommend to others.

Megan Townsend  The Quiet Cone

I have been really impressed by the way nabooki has been customised for my business, I didn’t know it could be done. I am time poor so it was great to have the setup completed for me as the key for me is getting more time back. I decided to provide online bookings to improve my efficiency and to make me look more professional. The team at nabooki are really onto it, their customer service is amazing, they get back to me really quick and the live chat is useful, no requests are too hard and I feel really comfortable to ask any question. I definitely recommend using nabooki for your business!

Trudy Kither  Nature's Temple