D-Hub: Leading Innovation in Disability Support

Innovating Accessibility For Tomorrow

D-Hub is pioneering an inclusive digital platform tailored to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities. By integrating advanced technology, with real-life insights, we aim to set the new standards in accessibility and inclusion, safeguarding sensitive innovations.

What Is The Disability Hub? (D-Hub)

Leveraging Nabooki’s marketplace technology, D-Hub is a unique product that brings together resources, events and activities, and lived experience peer support that enables people with a disability to find relevant information and services to support their needs.

Delivered through a consortium by people with disability, for people with disability, the D-Hub is the foundation for foundational supports.

The D-Hub Consortium Partners

Strong & Capable

Driven by lived experiences, Strong and Capable advocates for robust community ties and empowering personal independence.

Engels, Floyd & Associates

Experts in disability services quality and safeguards, Engels Floyd ensures excellence and compliance through our solutions.

Community Bridging Services (CBS) Inc.

Focusing on employment and empowerment, CBS innovates to build resilience and capacity in individuals with disabilities.

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Nabooki powers the D-Hub Consortium with its cutting-edge marketplace technology, driving accessibility and connectivity.

Built by people with disability, for people with disability

This initiative harnesses the unique insights and experiences of individuals with disabilities to create technologies that truly meet their needs. D-Hub is dedicated to developing solutions that not only connect people but also foster empowerment and independence within the disability community. 

The need for accessibility

At the heart of our mission, D-Hub responds to the critical need for universal accessibility, creating solutions that empower individuals with disabilities to live independently and inclusively.

We leverage cutting-edge technology to break down barriers, ensuring that everyone can use our platform, regardless of their abilities. Our commitment extends to continuous improvement and collaboration with the disability community to address emerging needs and foster a more inclusive society.

Foundational support for autism

D-Hub provides foundational support tailored for the autism community, enhancing daily living through personalised connections and resources leading to greater independence and integration.

A use case for D-Hub is supporting people with autism. D-Hub provides connection and information bringing all available services into one searchable location and providing connections for peer support to help navigate the environment.

See How it Works

Every community is different, so get in touch to find out how your white label D-Hub marketplace will work.

Versatile marketplaces, made simple

Rapid launch

Out-of-the-box customisations and simple onboarding make it a simple process to launch a services marketplace on your own site.

Listing management and vendor tools

Each listing in the marketplace has access to a comprehensive business and listing management portal to manage their own availability, bookings, offers, payments and customers.

Rich data and analytics

A comprehensive and flexible administration suite for oversight of marketplace performance at a listing and consumer level.

Supporting a number of business models

Built-in options to monetise your marketplace to meet your objectives including memberships or listing fees, commissions, or consumer offers. The choice is yours.

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