River Revival Voucher Program South Australia

November 6, 2023

The River Revival Voucher Program, a collaboration between the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC) and Nabooki, was designed to support the local industry in the flood-affected Riverland and Murray River, Lakes, and Coorong regions. (Round 3 coming in 2024) 

The Challenge

To provide a platform for economic stimulus to local operators for a region that had been flood impacted with a particular focus on those operators that were most affected such as HouseBoats.

  • To run a successful ballot process with unique voucher codes for security and data integrity. 
  • To create a friendly and engaging user experience for our client, participating merchants and customers alike.
  • To maximise the benefits of the program to the River Region economy.
  • To quickly and efficiently process and distribute payments to participating businesses.

The Solution

Screenshot of South Australia's River Revival Disaster Recovery Marketplace created by Nabooki

Nabooki created a successful marketplace platform that showcases what’s on offer with tailored discovery and categorisation

Operators were onboarded into the platform ready for the influx of bookings during the booking period. 

A secure ballot process with high engagement levels for applicants from SA, VIC and NSW was conducted with all participants notified of the outcome. 

Bookings were made securely with the application of four voucher denominations with a unique voucher code redemption checkpoint.

Nabooki provided engagement and support with merchants and customers to maximise economic benefits for the region, streamline booking processes, and ensure efficient payment distribution to operators

Remaining agile and working with SATC and feedback from the region, a second chance draw was introduced. Also, an extension of the travel period and seasonal pricing options were included. 

Transparent, real-time data was provided for SATC through a dashboard for monitoring and reporting.

The Results

There were over 460,000 vouchers applied for in the ballots for rounds 1 & 2.

  • The first round generated a significant economic impact of $3.1 million for the River regions. 
  • 117% more bookings were made for the River regions in Round 1 compared to previous campaigns for the entire state. Every $1 spent by the SATC on the vouchers returned more than $5 to the regions.
  • Tourism businesses across the Murray River region have received more than $5.6 million worth of bookings in the second round of the State Government’s River Revival Voucher program, almost doubling the broader economic impact of the first round.
  • $200 accommodation vouchers had a redemption rate of 85 per cent – the voucher category which required a minimum two-night stay not only proved the most popular but importantly, brought visitors to the river regions for an extended trip and helped increase spend.
  • In round one, consumer data showed a $200 voucher generated an additional average spend of $746 on activities in the river regions, including tours, food and beverage, produce, and entertainment, highlighting the significant impact the extra visitation had on hard-hit river communities.
  • Merchant and customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with strong economic impacts observed in local businesses.
  • Triggering visitation that would not have occurred otherwise, 71% of those who redeemed a voucher had not intended to take a trip before the program. 
  • More than half (54%) of voucher users were unaware of the operator they visited before the program – demonstrating its effectiveness in increasing awareness of tourism offerings available in the river regions.


The River Revival Voucher Program’s success in rounds 1 & 2 demonstrates the effectiveness of region-focused voucher campaigns. Round 1 alone injected $3.1 million into the River regions, surpassing previous campaigns. The inclusion of a second chance draw and other incentives in Round 2 further boosted the impact, with over $5.6 million in booking value alone. The program has not only supported flood-affected businesses but also expanded tourism in the area. As a result, the River Revival Voucher Program continues to stand out as an innovative and successful solution for stimulating regional tourism.

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a region-focused voucher campaign, highlighting how these initiatives can drive economic recovery in areas affected by natural disasters. The success of the program makes it a model for future economic stimulus needs.

“We have seen an unprecedented and truly impressive and immediate boost to flood-affected tourism businesses, with round two of the River Revival Voucher program injecting more than $5.6 million in bookings alone” 

Zoe Bettison MP – Minister for Tourism and Multicultural Affairs – Government of South Australia

“The River Revival Voucher campaign has been a fantastic boost to add more bookings, improve post-flood sentiment around holidaying along the river, and driving consumer spending on River Murray activities. Here at Spirit of the Coorong, we are overwhelmed with the results and the onflow (pun intended!) positive impacts to tourism along the River Murray”

Joel Hirsch – Spirit of Australia Cruises Manager

Gallery of the four voucher redemption marketplaces provided by nabooki

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