The importance of user experience for a bookable service marketplace

December 18, 2021

The process of buying and selling has changed over the past decade, we now live in an era where people have the power to access goods and services on demand through online marketplaces and mobile apps. The needs of today’s customers are shifting rapidly, and businesses are seeking ways to adapt to keep up with this new way of life. If you’re looking to build your own bookable service marketplace, here are some tips on how to make sure you’re offering your customers a great user experience from the get-go.

1) How user experience can be used to improve online customer experiences 

From product development to online marketing, user experience (UX) is an important component in any successful business. It’s also vital to improving your service marketplace. In fact, it may be critical to your business success, especially if you hope to succeed in one of today’s fastest-growing industries: travel and tourism. Read on to learn how UX can be used effectively in a bookable service marketplace. 

2) What is user experience?

In short, UX refers to how people perceive and interact with your product or service. How much do they enjoy it? Do they understand how to use it? Is it intuitive and simple or complicated and confusing? Does it make them feel frustrated? Happy? Do they want to keep using it, or is there something better out there that they’d rather go to? All these questions are part of what makes up UX. The goal is making sure people find your product useful, easy to navigate, pleasant-looking and actually functional—in other words, helping them have an enjoyable interaction with your site or app. That’s also why UX design is so critical for bookable service marketplaces. 

3) Why is UX important for bookable services? 

You might not immediately think that your travel marketplace needs to put a huge emphasis on user experience, but you’d be wrong. If users can’t find exactly what they want or are frustrated by poor quality or design, they simply won’t come back. By crafting an amazing UX, you ensure that potential customers will keep coming back to book with you and create long-term revenue streams. As a result, improving user experience is essential if you want to stay competitive in today’s marketplace economy. 

4) How can UX help increase conversion rates?

When it comes to bookable service marketplaces, attracting and converting customers is all about making your experience as frictionless as possible. Studies have shown that there’s a direct correlation between conversion rates and a user experience – if the UX is good, so is the conversion rate, and vice versa. Users who had trouble finding information or getting where they wanted ended up abandoning their search 75% of the time. But if you optimize your UX (and in turn, conversions), you increase overall revenues. 

Beyond making customers feel happy and taken care of, there are real business reasons to make your customer’s experience with your product as seamless as possible. If you’re looking to create a bookable service marketplace, you should strongly consider focusing on UX from day one. Users that can complete their transactions quickly and easily will return again and again, leading to increased revenue and healthier customer retention rates. 

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