Optus Dining Rewards Program

Richard Tenser

Optus is Australia’s second largest telco and operates one of Australia’s largest corporate loyalty programs, Optus Perks. In 2019, Optus launched the Optus Dining Program, a national program promoted to over 3 million members.



Optus wanted a reward that would capture the consumers’ frequent spend to drive repeat usage of the Perks program, keeping the Optus brand top of mind of their customers. They also wanted a reward that could re-engage lapsed customers. The type of reward should be aspirational, and attractive across a broad demographic.


Solution – The Optus Dining Program

Nabooki developed a new and innovative dining program that would become the main reward promoted in Optus Perks.

The Dining Program included a dining marketplace, accessed from within the Optus Perks platform, that allowed customers to search nearby restaurants, make a booking, and claim a reward (complimentary entree). This platform was underpinned by multiple branded touch points such as the branded marketplace, booking confirmation, emails and SMS reminders.

Nabooki provided the marketplace platform, the national network of restaurants, and reported in real-time the data of the program enabling Optus to accurately track the performance of the program.



The program launched successfully and gained early traction with bookings generated within the first few weeks. The program was widely adopted with customers from all Australian States and Territories engaging with the program including spikes in bookings and traffic to the Optus Perks platform on the weekends.

Optus Dining Marketplace
Optus Dining Marketplace: Home Page (L) and Search Results Page (R)


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