Westpac Wellness Marketplace

Richard Tenser

Westpac is one of Australia’s Big four banks and operates one of Australia’s largest reward programs, Westpac Rewards. In 2020, Nabooki launched Peregian Blue for Westpac, a wellness marketplace, to their 3 million+ member base.


As part of relaunching Westpac Rewards in a significant national campaign, Westpac wanted to add a reward that would help attract new members to the Westpac Rewards site as well as re-engage lapsed customers and that was inline with their company’s mission to help their customers live happy, healthy lives.



Nabooki developed a new and innovative wellness program that would become one of the main rewards that was profiled as part of the Westpac Rewards relaunch.


The wellness program included a bookable wellness marketplace (yoga, pilates, natural therapies etc) that allowed Westpac members to search nearby wellness practitioners, see available classes or consultations (online or in person) and to make a booking at a discounted rate.


Nabooki provided the marketplace platform, the national network of wellness practitioners, and reported in real-time the data of the program enabling Westpac to accurately track the performance of the program.



The program launched successfully and gained early traction with bookings generated within the first few weeks. The program is on-going and Westpac plans to heavily promote the wellness marketplace over the summer period to attract new and returning members to Westpac Rewards.


To find out more about Nabooki rewards programs, visit this link


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