Secrets on Stanley Festival

May 17, 2023

Stanley Street, a bustling district in Sydney, aimed to become the city’s go-to destination for entertainment and nightlife. As part of the Uptown Program, the district was set to host the “Secrets on Stanley” festival, featuring over 95 parties, performances and shows across 14 venues. To make this vision a reality, Stanley Street partnered with Nabooki to create a seamless, bookable marketplace that could handle the complexity and scale of the event.

The Challenge

Stanley Street faced several challenges in organising the “Secrets on Stanley” festival:

  1. Coordination Amongst Multiple Merchants: With 15 merchants involved, there was a need for a centralised system to manage promotions and bookings.
  2. Consumer Engagement: The district needed to build further consumer engagement to make the festival a success.
  3. Customisation: A one-size-fits-all solution wouldn’t work. The marketplace needed to be tailored to fit the unique needs of the “Secrets on Stanley” program.

The Solution

Nabooki was engaged to create a marketplace that could:

  1. White Label: Fully integrate with Stanley Street’s branding.
  2. Data-Driven: Provide insights into consumer behaviour, helping to drive further engagement.
  3. Concierge Onboarding: Assist merchants in setting up their promotions and managing bookings.
  4. Bespoke Changes: Make custom changes to the marketplace to fit the specific needs of the “Secrets on Stanley” programme.

The Results

  1. Merchants Onboarded: Nabooki successfully onboarded all 15 merchants, streamlining the set-up and booking process.
  2. Rapid Speed to Market: with a wide range of service verticals Nabooki was able to successfully launch the program within a 3-week period.
  3. Over 95 Promotions: The marketplace managed over 95 promotions, offering a range of free and ticketed events.
  4. Increased Consumer Engagement: The centralised booking system made it easier for consumers to engage with multiple venues, contributing to the festival’s success.
  5. Enhanced District Experience: We consolidated all content into a single site experience to help customers discover, compare, and then book.
  6. Consistency: consistent messaging across the site enhanced the marketing, PR and data capture efforts of the Stanley St district.
  7. Broad Range of Applications: the site was able to promote a wide range of services in one place including events, activities & experiences, what’s on, as well as table reservations.
  8. Exceptional User Experience: the platform gave the customer real-time availability, the ability to filter by cuisine, view restaurant locations on a map, make a booking from a laptop or phone, compare customer reviews, and manage their booking online.
  9. Restaurant Benefits: easy & free for all participating restaurants – SMS and email booking reminders sent to customers; option to create member offers including time-based specials or discounts; option to take online payments at the time of booking.
  10. District Benefits: easy set up, launch and expansion.


Nabooki’s marketplace solution was instrumental in transforming Stanley Street into a vibrant entertainment hub. The platform’s flexibility, data-driven insights, and bespoke customisations made it the perfect fit for the “Secrets on Stanley” program, contributing to its overwhelming success.

You can view high-resolution marketplace images below.

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