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Case Study – The Off Season

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Tourism Tasmania is a State Authority that is focused on brand management and generating demand for leisure visitors to Tasmania. Tourism Tasmania’s purpose is to connect travellers emotionally and culturally with the island, drive visitation and lead a sustainable visitor economy that delivers social, environmental and economic value for all Tasmanians.



The Off Season marketplace is the second partnership with Nabooki following the successful Tassie Holiday Voucher campaign to stimulate post-covid travel to the island. In its second year for 2022, Tourism Tasmania’s winter campaign ‘The Off Season’ was looking to build upon its inaugural year and there was an opportunity to improve the online visitor experience with a marketplace to improve operator discoverability and simplify the booking process.



Tourism operators were required to provide a unique product that complied with the campaign eligibility for The Off Season campaign. Nabooki conducted operator onboarding and first-line support services along with a bespoke technical solution to allow representatives of Tourism Tasmania to assess and approve or modify each operator submission, providing complete visibility and control.


Once launched, consumers were directed to the marketplace through a range of marketing campaigns to easily view all participants while using the search and filter features to easily compare experiences and regions before proceeding to book directly with each operator and all without being taken off-site.

The Off Season Online Bookings Marketplace
The Off Season bookings marketplace with the campaign’s theme design applied.



Marketplace branding utilising the campaign’s black and white colour scheme was quickly and easily applied, allowing the team at Tourism Tasmania to focus on the primary marketing site for The Off Season with the only technical integration being hyperlinks between the site and marketplace.


Tourism Tasmania had direct access to their own 3rd party analytics via the marketplace’s embed tools provided, allowing up-to-date insights on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns including paid media. Real-time reports and dashboards were made available via the client portal ‘HQ’ to provide insights for all bookings transacted.


John Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Officer of Tourism Tasmania spoke at a recent Tourism Australia event about The Off Season. Two years into The Off Season campaign he described it as going “really well”. They found that 60% of the visitors accounted for 96% of the spend, which indicates that the campaign is attracting premium customers. Tourism Tasmania are committed to The Off season and see it as a “long term play” with “innovation every year” to keep it engaging.


High-resolution marketplace screenshots are available below.


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